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Thyme Essential Oil (10ml)

Thyme Essential Oil (10ml)

Orient-All Bio

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Thyme essential oil is perfect for treating various skin imperfections, especially on the face. It helps regulate the production of sebum that makes the skin oily and very shiny. Its purifying action allows to clean the pores and to remove the excess of sebum. As we know, it is the sebum that gives the oily effect on the skin. By eliminating the excess with this essential oil, you get a healthy, purified and matte skin.

Its purifying action is also suitable for other skin types. It can perfectly be used in daily care to make the skin more beautiful.


If you want to have a smooth skin without blemishes, thyme essential oil is the ideal solution. It is perfectly capable of fighting and preventing acne. It treats the skin in depth by freeing the pores of the impurities which obstruct them. While eliminating acne, it prevents blackheads and small wounds due to pimples. Moreover the fact that it cleans the pores in depth makes it interesting to carry out a make-up removal.


The antioxidant property of thyme essential oil is perfect to fight against skin aging. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines and smoothes the skin little by little during its treatment. It tones the muscles and skin fibers that are slackening under the skin. And by stimulating the micro-circulations, the essential oil stimulates immunity and increases the body's defenses. It protects the skin against free radicals that promote the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections brought on by age.

Fatigue is also known as a gas pedal of skin aging. It is therefore necessary to rest and relax from time to time to look better. The essential oil of thyme savory, Thujanol or Linalol can help you fight fatigue. It can be used in massage, mixed with other ingredients.


The scalp tends to become irritated when it is attacked. This can lead to dandruff and damage to the hair fibers. Irritation can be caused by excessive sebum production, microbes ... That's why thyme essential oil is interesting to treat the scalp. It allows you to get rid of dead skin, so dandruff. It can also regulate the production of sebum and stimulate blood circulation. That is favorable to the good course of the life cycle of the hair.


One must always be careful with the use of an essential oil, because it is more powerful than vegetable oil. In its pure state, it can irritate the skin or cause other damage to the body. You should seek advice from your doctor or an aromatherapy practitioner. Thus, thyme essential oil is not recommended for :

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding
  • Children under 3 years (children and babies)