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My name is Farah, I am the founder of Orient-All Bio, I am originally from Tunisia. I am firmly convinced that nature and authenticity are the key to beauty. I created Orient-All Bio in order to share the beauty secret of my ancestors with the world. I thought it was worthwhile to make the products of our land known here in the West. They are 100% natural and very effective.

Our mission is to encourage women of all ages to continue to take care of themselves and to regain their self-confidence through the effectiveness of our products AND through the use of very healthy and good quality products.


Quality and Fair Trade is our motto!

Indeed, members of the Orient-All Bio team are on site in Tunisia and monitor the manufacturing process (mostly hand-made) very closely: from the harvest to the bottling, nothing is left to chance.

Our Prickly Pear Seed Oil Elixir is pressed according to the rules of art in Tunisia and purchased directly from the producer, which allows the local population to live and which makes it one of our exceptional products. An ancestral culture in the center of Tunisia. Produced on the basis of an ancestral and organic culture, the prickly pears used come from a small rural village, a poor region in central Tunisia. An oil made according to tradition for a fair trade.

The roses are even carefully chosen one by one for an exceptional quality. The distillation is also done by hand.
We work with the best producers in the country. People trust us because of this and see results very quickly.