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Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml)

Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml)

Orient-All Bio

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Peppermint essential oil is refreshing. Diluted in a vegetable oil, Peppermint essential oil is used in massage for muscles and joints, and also helps you to..:

-Breathe better

-To clear the airways

-Better digestion

-Fighting motion sickness


For the face: Tonic lotion for oily skin

Peppermint purifies the skin, removes excess sebum and helps prevent the appearance of pimples. You guessed it, it is the friend of oily skin! To compose yourself your tonic lotion to use in the morning, mix two drops of peppermint essential oil in 100ml of Geranium water. This water is chosen for its healing properties, it will make any small pimples disappear and will counterbalance the power of peppermint by its softness.